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My Father’s Mustache- The Man Behind The Mustache

We are a full service salon company locally owned and operated by sisters, Debbie Fletcher and Brittany Fletcher Elmore in memory of our father, Mister Wayne. We love our rich heritage, and it is so important to keep the legacy alive that our daddy began. Our father was a barber since the 1960’s. He attended Hassler Barber College in Nashville, TN after he finished his time serving in the U.S. Navy. He went into this profession because he loved people. This is the same reason we are in our careers today. Mister Wayne came back to the Upper Cumberland area after finishing his schooling, and had one of the first unisex salons in the area. He quickly realized the need for training the future generations of professionals in our field, and opened up Wayne and Baretta’s School of Unisex Hair Design in 1979, later renamed to Mister Wayne’s School of Unisex Hair Design in 1981.

We both were blessed to be trained by our daddy in our family owned business. He taught us about not just cutting hair, but how to change lives through what we do every day. That is why we do what we do every single day. We love being a teaching salon, where students are welcome to come shadow, and a place where young licensed professionals can come to work and learn many generations of knowledge. By doing this, we feel we are able to offer our employees a career, instead of a job, and we cannot wait to see how long this legacy is able to live on, even past us!

Excellence, Teamwork, Community and Family.
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