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Back to School

My Father’s Mustache has been and always will be a teaching salon. With that being said - back to school season is one of our favorite times of year! We are the best salon in Cookeville for not only your back to school cut, but also to prepare for the new school year ahead.

For our younger guests that visit the salon - we hand out stickers, temporary tattoos, kazoos, keychains, coloring sheets, and suckers! We absolutely love our Mustache Kiddo crew, and we will even provide complimentary nails polished by one of our stylists. We understand that being a smaller person in the world, getting a haircut could be as daunting as going to the doctor or dentist and this is why we are one of the best salons in Cookeville for kiddos! We are helping them associate getting a haircut with something they want to have, and want them to see this as FUN!

For our college age guests, back to school can also be a very challenging time. We have done several things this year for our college students! We set up at Connect with Cookeville at Tennessee Tech to not only hand out coupons, waters, and bracelets but we also provided complimentary line ups for the men and braids for the women. We also brought many coupons to the dorms at Tennessee Tech and passed them out; as well as taking mustache cookies and coupons to all of the Greek Life Organizations on campus!

Our staff has had so much fun this back to school season and we can’t wait until next year!