Guest Experience

At My Father’s Mustache Salon & Company, we are here to elevate the guest experience in any way we can! We are constantly evaluating and organizing the way we want our guests to feel when they enter our salon. We know by our name and our absolute LOVE of mustaches; it may seem like we do men only. This is absolutely not the case! We are a full service salon - including all things hair, skin, lashes, brows, and nails! This includes the full spa experience within each and every service!

One of the most intricate ways we elevate the guest experience is by constantly receiving feedback from our guests! We send out a text to each every single new guest that comes in through our salon asking for feedback and suggestions! We also send out a postcard survey with every new guest, and with every survey we receive back we provide $5 off for the guest! Not only is this helping the guest to feel heard and to let them know their opinion matters, this also lets us know what we are doing right and if there are any areas we need to improve! This takes quite a bit of coordination and communication through our staff, but we are more than happy to do this in order to establish the best guest experience we can.

Another way we elevate the experience of the guest is by partnering through other small businesses in our community. Some examples of this are donating our time and services to the Upper Cumberland Foster Closet, the Night to Shine, and the TTU pride! Another way we do this is working with Cookeville’s Red Silo Brewery. We always have a light and a dark option of their locally crafted drafts on tap. This is definitely one of our guests favorite part of the experience; being able to enjoy a cold, refreshing beer while also enjoying a brand new look! We also provide red wine, white wine, mimosas, and non-alcoholic options in case you aren’t in the mood for a beer!

Our personal favorite way to elevate the guest experience is by providing savings to our loyal guests! We are always having savings deals and playing fun games with our clients! For example, we currently are offering 2 Redken Hairsprays for $39 dollars and all Pureology stylers are buying 2 for $49 dollars! This is basically a buy one get one free deal! We also have games like Bingo; where we offer several different options of getting a Bingo and your name goes in a drawing for CASH! My personal favorite game we play is Texas Hold’em - where each guest draws a card when they enter the salon and the card determines what percent they save on retail purchases. The card is also used to build your service provider's hand. We can only keep 5 cards at a time, to make things fair and square. Our winners this year won concert tickets!

We love being the best one-stop-shop in Cookeville Tennessee, come by and see all we have to offer at My Father’s Mustache!