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Redken Black Elite Social Media Class

Here at My Father’s Mustache, the best Salon in Cookeville, we value education VERY much. There is always something new to learn, regardless of the walk of life you may be in. On average, we have a class every other month here at My Father’s Mustache. Having our hours as eleven to five on Sundays allows us to have time before and after we are open to host classes for our team! Our last class was Redken’s Social Media Obsessed class, and it’s safe to say we learned SO much. Our Redken class teacher, Tina, took the time to individualize the curriculum for us. This is only one of the reasons we love her teaching our classes.

We started the morning off with breakfast made by our wonderful owner Debbie and her daughter Mattie. While we ate, we listened to some music to get us pumped up for the class and wide awake! To start the class off, Tina began with asking us our struggles that we feel we have with social media. Each person had an individual conflict, some ranging from just not knowing what to post and also some people simply not knowing how to post. Tina broke down each individual struggle and helped us come up with a plan to make things simpler, refined, and coordinated.

One of the ways she suggested we help ourselves, was to come up with a theme for each day to post. Some examples she gave us were Wisdom Wednesday and Meet the Team Monday. We broke into small groups and came up with as many themes as we could possibly think of. We came back together and discussed which days we wanted and what each theme should be. Right now we are still working everything out for each day, but having a plan in place of what to post makes things so much easier. A member of our leadership team had this to say, “I liked the idea of having different themes for different days. There is still a lot of thought going into what to post, but having a theme makes it way easier to come up with the ideas.”

We broke out into teams again and worked on making a themed post as well as a regular reel. This helped some of us learn how to post, as well as refining our skills with pictures, videos, and editing. By the end of the class we each had a new reel and a post to start with. We shared with each other and helped each other out, and overall we had a blast at this class! Social media is ever growing and changing, and it’s important that we learn how to grow and change with it!