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Salon Experience

Here in Cookeville, TN, our salon, My Father’s Mustache, likes to put a great emphasis on our Guest Experience. Did you know that over 70% of salon guests feel anxious when they visit a salon for the first time? That’s why our salon strives to create a welcoming atmosphere especially for our first time guests.

Ever since Covid hit in 2020, we implemented a “text-in” system where clients can comfortably check-in from their vehicles or if weather permits, they can lounge in our outdoor seating area where the whole family can enjoy a game of corn hole or frisbee toss while waiting on their appointment time to approach.

Our guest specialist will take this time upon first arrival to gather any new client info along with offering a choice of complimentary waters, wine, mimosas, or lite and dark beer from one of Cookeville’s local breweries that we’ve partnered with. While Mom and Dad relax during their services and enjoy a beverage, the kiddos are treated to finger nail painting and mustache tattoos at no additional charge. Once they get their haircut at My Father’s Mustache, children automatically become members of the “Mustache Kid’s Club” for life where they have a multitude of mustache goodies to choose from the treasure jar- treats ranging from suckers to Mustache sticky fingers, bracelets and more!

We pride ourselves in our consultation as well with our new guest. You will receive a digital consultation form when booking a service in our company, and this allows your service provider to plan for your visit. Along with doing a thorough consultation and pre planning, comes extra time. This extra time we have available is then used during your experience on things like scalp massage and extra shampoo time! :) Did you know that 87% of salon guest say this is their favorite part of the visit?

We always like to plan ahead to see you at your next visit, and send you home with the product prescription needed to create your look at home as well. Only 1 in 5 guests on average purchase retail from a salon, and this is mainly because nothing was recommended. We like to bridge that gap and help our guest feel the best they can during, in between, and after their appointment.

We never want our guests to feel rushed. We want you to relax and enjoy your time with us. Come in, take a deep breath, exhale, and get ready to leave feeling rejuvenated! See you soon at The Stache!