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Salon Today Top 200 Recipient

This month at My Father’s Mustache, the best salon and spa in Cookeville, Tennessee, we are celebrating being placed in Salon Today’s Top 200 for the second year in a row! Last year we were focused in the “growth” category and we focused on how we have grown our salon over the years and the special programs we have in place. These programs include our referral program, our new client gifts, and also our loyalty point system! This year we decided to focus on the “customer service” category. We focused a lot on our attention to detail, especially when it comes to our Mustache Kid’s Club!

Salon Today’s Top 200 isn’t just in our region - it is all over the entire USA! That’s why we consider this a huge celebration for our Salon Company and team. They also host an annual dinner and celebration for the owners of all of the winning salons. This year it is in Colorado, so our owners Brittany and Debbie will be attending. There are several categories that each salon is allowed to focus on in the running. Retention and Referral, Compensation and Benefits, Customer Service, Environmental Sustainability, Employee Education, Salon Culture, and Salon Leadership - These are only a few of the categories you can be placed into. We decided to focus on Customer Service this year, and this is what Salon Today had to say about this Category, “A warm welcome, a refreshing beverage and a close personal connection with a client can be as important in retaining her business as the precision of the cut or the dimension of the color. Customer service impacts the overall experience, and salons and spas that deliver it with each and every visit boost their overall sales as well as client loyalty.”

To even be considered in this elite competition we had to write multiple essays, give sources, have advocates on our behalf to vouch for what we were stating to be true, and much more! This is something we put our all into, because we know how important it is for our Company and staff to be recognized for all of their hard work and accomplishments. We focused on our relationship that we build with our kiddos in the Mustache Kid Club- here is a direct quote from the article, “While mom and dad relax during their services, their kiddos are treated to finger nail painting and mustache tattoos. When kids get their first haircut they become members of the ‘Mustache Kid’s Club’ and can choose mustache goodies from our treasure jar.”

We are so grateful and appreciative of this honor, and we are very happy to be able to share this with our loyal guests here at My Father’s Mustache Salon and Company.