Summer 2023 Color

TTU is out for the summer here in Cookeville, TN and with the warmer weather rolling in so is the desire for warmer, brighter hair! This is the time of year when blondes are looking to go BLONDER, brunettes are looking for the SAME. Whether that’s brunettes looking to step over to the light side or just thinking about a more natural, sun-in look- let’s talk about all the brightness possibilities!


For maximum blonding and lightness we typically recommend a full foil. This technique covers the whole head. Full foils, being a form of traditional highlights, are applied directly to the scalp, so salon visits for routine maintenance will be more frequent. We recommend every 6-8 weeks depending on your hair growth and individual needs.


For more dimension to your blonding service, we recommend a dimensional foil (interchangeable with a partial foil). This service typically starts the lightening process about midway up the head just under the ears instead of at the nape. It is a great technique for those wanting a little brightness around the face and roots/part area. Those with gray or *sparkles* in their hair find this a great technique to camouflage the root with a more natural grow out phase.


Think about maximum SHINE. This allows us to accentuate any color service received. From dimensional brunettes, to bright blondes, redheads, and everything in between. We can correct unwanted tones, accentuate desired tones, and enhance the overall look of your hair. Glosses as we like to call them are essential with your color service.

Of course we can add a root smudge, hand painted balayage, face framing money pieces, and many other options to any of the services above! Come check out the Top 200 salon everyone is talking about!

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We love offering a wide range of services at My Father’s Mustache, and we look forward to seeing you for your next appointment. New referral guest receive $20 their first visit! See you soon!

Pictured below is our team at the Redken Symposium in Orlando March 2023! Learning all the new fun techniques to bring back to you!