Youth Sports

My Father’s Mustache, also known as the best salon in Cookeville, is incredibly dedicated to our community. Most of our employees either grew up in Cookeville, reside in Cookeville, or travel to Cookeville for work! Giving back to this incredible community that has given so much to us is one of our top priorities. It may be sponsoring a T-Ball team, hosting a get ready party for the Night to Shine, or bringing our services to Cookeville’s Foster Closet; we are constantly trying to better ourselves and our community.

In 2023 we sponsored a T-Ball team through the Cookeville Baseball Softball Association, which a non-profit organization created to provide baseball and softball opportunities to Cookeville’s youth! They offer several different divisions depending on what the child is interested in and their age. They had about 50 sponsors this past year, that means so many kids were given the opportunity to play ball. We also have our very own star player on our team, our owner’s daughter Kaylea! Brittany and Debbie took time off of their schedules to attend every game to show our team support! Seeing all of them in their little mustache shirts reminds us how incredible it is to give back to the community.

Last year we also hosted a get ready party for Night to Shine, a prom for specially abled teens and adults! We had several of our employee’s volunteer their time for this event, we provided hair, nails, and makeup services so everyone could experience the whole package. We had several boys and men getting hair cuts for this event as well! Being able to see their faces after their transformations was personally a highlight of the year for myself, and I know it was for several of our staff members as well. We styled the girls’ and womens’ hair in any style they requested, and we had their nails done at the same time; the perfect glam squad experience!

We also packed our bags and headed to the Foster Closet last year for the back to school bash! At this event there were tons of resources, food, supplies, clothes, and haircuts being given to all of the fostered youth in Cookeville and surrounding areas. We enjoyed our time at this event so much; the Fade Room hosted us in their building, which was incredibly kind on their part. We cut all of the girls’ hair and styled it for them as well! Some of these kids and teens recognized us when we set up for the career fair at Tech for middle and highschoolers last year! We love seeing familiar faces, and being connected to guests makes what we do so fulfilling.